Dorsum Flexi
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Dorsum Flexi

Dorsum Flexi is a new back support with a two-piece designed front closure. It´s made from a ventilated elastic material that has been welded by using HF-technique.

This means that there are hardly any conventional seams in the construction. The benefits are a lower profile, higher comfort and a more durable construction. The two-piece front closure makes the height variable, which makes the model suitable for persons with a wide hip and slim waist or with a larger abdomen. The lower closure has been reinforced to provide a better abdominal support, and has been fitted with handles to make the application easier.

The upper straps have also been fitted with handles for easy application. The lumbar part has four splints, made of stainless steel, that have been laminated into a lumbar platform. The splints can easily be adjusted individually by bending but can’t be taken out. There is a removable lumbar pad for additional support and comfort. Height in the back: 27 cm.




Acute or chronic lumbago
lumbosacral instability
Degenerative diseases


Sizes Circumference Waist
Small 75-83 cm
Medium 83-91 cm
Large 91-99 cm
X-Large 99-107 cm
XX-Large 107-115 cm
XXX-Large 115-125 cm