DeRoyal Blend is an extremely versatile material that combines both controlled strech and drape with a 50 % memory. This material can be re-shaped several times for a wide variety of splinting needs. It is a non-stick material with zero shrinkage, designed to self seal and decrease finger imprinting when cut or handled. DeRoyal Blend is an excellent all round material. For optimal performance, heat in water at 70-75° C for approx 1 minute. For permanent bonding, remove the surface coating and heat with a heat gun before pressing together. Recommended use: Hand based and forearm splints.


Article Thickness Perforation Color Sheet
TH 1050-18 3.2 mm Mini Beige 30 x 45 cm
TH 1030-18 2.4 mm Mini Beige 30 x 45 cm