UNIQUE SHOULDER BRACE ErixOne is a patent pending shoulder brace that has been developed to provide the shoulder joint with various degrees of stability. ErixOne VIDEO Learn more about ErixOne PDF Multi language instruction

ERIXTWO FOR SUPPORT ErixTwo has a simpler construction than its big brother ErixOne. Ideal for shoulder joints that need mobility and support. ErixTwo

SUPPORT THAT FITS PERFECTLY DeRoyal has together with Boa Technology Inc developed an innovative closure system for ankle braces. The Boa Closure System® makes it both fast and easy to apply the brace. DeRoyal Sports Brace

COTEX LIGA X ROM A stable knee orthosis that combines hyper extension control of the knee joint in combination with extension and flexion control. CoTex Liga X ROM has been fitted with the ROM-hinge made of an alloy of stainless steel, titanium and magnesium. CoTex Liga X ROM

NEW EDEMA GLOVES We have now designed our own gloves made of a new skin friendly material with good compression to optimize the function of the glove. The material has been improved to provide a higher comfort and compression. 902 903 905 Edema Gloves (PDF)

PRUVENTOR Pruventor is a new designed ortosis that can be used for prevention and treatment of heel ulcers on bed laying patients. Pruventor

CoTex Artro is a line of knee orthoses with compression and special pads made of viscoelastic foam that adjusts to the body temperature. Cotex Artro Plus Cotex Artro Basic

Made of double loop material with foam in-between. It can be used for additional padding over non-elastic straps or to pad special areas in orthoses. AC3006 Beige AC3007 Blue AC3008 Black